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Photo Credit: Scott Rylander Photography.
Photo Credit: Scott Rylander Photography.

Road Show

Joshua LeClair is amusingly temperamental but ultimately touching as the sensitive rich kid…

~Alun Hood, Whats Onstage

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Hello Again

A youthful Joshua LeClair slips easily into the role of the College Boy and Young Thing, while performing a nice sideline in triple harmony… for the Andrews Sisters pastiche ‘Zei Gezent’. Western and LeClair negotiate the horror and humour of ‘Listen to The Music’ with spellbinding intensity.

~Paul Vale, Musical Theatre Review

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Theory of Relativity

Joshua LeClair’s humorous and warm rendition of ‘Apples and Oranges’ was the highlight of the show.

~Breeze Barrington, LondonTheatre1

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Photo Credit: Darren Bell
Photo Credit: Darren Bell

She Loves Me

Without ever doing anything to pull focus or grandstand, LeClair refashions Arpad into one of the cornerstones of the success of this revival. It’s a winning, triumphant performance in every way – and LeClair is surely a talent to keep a lookout for.

~Stephen Collins, British

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See Rock City

Joshua LeClair is gorgeous as sci-fi geek Evan, searching for extra-terrestrials in a bid to prove his disbelieving ex-girlfriend wrong. There’s a wonderful quirkiness in the way he acts, his wide-eyed optimism incredibly infectious, but shatters as the hours of waiting wear on. The character himself might be a bit of a cliché, but there’s something just a little bit magical in LeClair’s delivery, that meant I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

~Ginger Hibiscus

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Photo Credit: John Jones.
Photo Credit: John Jones.


LeClair is outstanding as the Artful Dodger, infusing the role with flair and light-hearted enthusiasm.

~ The Wellington Advertiser

Sweeney Todd

[Joshua LeClair’s] Toby is simple-minded, physically challenged and degraded by everyone in the cast. His soliloquy to Lovett “Not While I’m Around” is so touching that it almost stopped the show. LeClair seems almost athletic in his ability to switch from comedy to dramatic and then slip right back.

~Ontario Arts Review