Road Show

At the turn of the last century old Pa Meisner sends his sons, the charming and ruthless Wilson and the thoughtful unambitious Addison off to make their fortune. The ill-matched pair embarks of the story of their lifetime across the U.S. stopping off at some of the key moments which shaped modern America. A moving story of love, antagonism and reconciliation between two brothers, events in Road Show mirror a mighty nation in transition.

Joshua LeClair is also excellent as the vulnerable, gullible Hollis. Just when you think the show isn’t going to show any emotion, LeClair pulls it out of the bag and tears at your heartstrings. His face-off at the end with Jenkins is genuinely moving – for me, the highlight of the show.

~Craig Glenday, Musical Theatre Review

Photo Credit: Scott Rylander Photography.

The ensemble cast are uniformly excellent with Andre Refig… as Willie and Joshua LeClair’s naïve Hollis the standouts.

~Gary Naylor, Broadway World

Joshua LeClair as the fresh-faced idealist Hollis makes for an engaging… third-wheel in the tricky relationship.

~Paul Vale, The Stage

Joshua LeClair finds light and shade in Hollis and delivers an honest rendition of a particularly intricate character, and his rendition of ‘Talent’ is the closest the production gets to a showstopper.

~Dom O’Hanlon, LondonTheatre

Joshua LeClair, impressive in last year’s She Loves Me, does it again as Addison’s effete “mark” Hollis, his big number Talent proving a treat.

~Jonathan Baz, Jonathan Baz Reviews

Joshua LeClair is amusingly temperamental but ultimately touching as the sensitive rich kid…

~Alun Hood, Whats Onstage